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San Francisco, Here I Come

My last blog post was titled “Officially An MBA Mama: So What’s Next?” I am ecstatic to share with my network that – after some soul searching, self-reflection and a lot of due diligence - I have figured out what’s next and I could not be happier. 

I am bursting at the seams to announce that I will be joining Lyft full-time at their San Francisco headquarters. My title – Community Program Manager – falls within Lyft’s Driver Operations vertical. I see my new job as doing whatever I can to help Lyft solidify it’s position in the market as the # 1 ride-sharing company for drivers who are essential to the supply side of the business.

I am in the process of moving to the Bay Area with Nyah to begin this next phase of my career in tech. I am so happy to be joining a growth-stage technology company whose product I love and whose culture and core values align with who I am and who I aspire to be. 

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Lyft’s four core values are: create fearlessly, be yourself, make it happen and uplift others.

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While engaging with Lyft people over the past several weeks, I have seen firsthand how a commitment to more connected communities, positive social and environmental impact, diversity and inclusion are embedded in the company’s fabric. Employees with kids at Lyft have given me unfiltered insight into the company’s approach to work-life integration. Those with kids around Nyah’s age have graciously offered help as I searched for housing, childcare and a new school for Nyah. Senior people have been humble and gracious, giving their time to help me better understand Lyft’s short- and long-term strategic priorities and how I can add value. Shortly after accepting my job offer, I was not surprised to see that Lyft was one of the corporate sponsors of Philly Pride which I attended with Nyah earlier this summer.

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Those who know me well can attest to the fact that I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit, and much of my career to date has been dedicated to building my own ventures. I am so excited that my passion for Watotolly and MBA Mama will not wane even as I transition into my new role at Lyft. I am thankful to my mentor Carlene Davis, Sam Jones from Wharton’s Career Management team, Laurin Frierson from the Wharton MBA Program Office, Wharton professor Stew Friedman, Wharton alum and friend - Lawrence Cole, my Watotolly business partner John Kennedy, my MBA Mama business partner Nicole Ponton and my good friends Lauren Ball, John Frame, Lara Day, KelliAnne Kelly, Sarah Springer and Venessa Gopaul who all supported me during the Lyft recruiting process and my transition from Philadelphia to the Bay Area. I am especially grateful for Angel Stewart and Nancy Sims of the Toigo Foundation – your tough love and support for my career development has been unwavering and I am lucky to be part of the Toigo family.

While I have learned so much during my two years at Wharton, I am eagerly anticipating all the new, interesting things I will learn from the phenomenal people at Lyft. My attitude is that I can learn just as much from a driver in Milwaukee as I can from Lyft executives in San Francisco.

As a proud MBA Mama raising my kids without dedicated partner support, the role at Lyft puts me in a great position to provide for my children - Nyah and Shafiq (pictured below) - while continuing to show them anything is possible if you dream big enough and work hard enough.

#Onward #Upward

Yours Truly,

Divinity Matovu,

San Francisco-bound

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Above: in Kampala, Uganda with my son, Shafiq

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Above: in Venice Beach, California with my daughter, Nyah